We strive to transmit emotion and harmony through each of our creations.

We are a team of adventurers, dreamers and creators who constantly stay ahead of the curve and passionately imagine, design and manufacture tomorrow’s luxury lighting for mega yachts and homes.



We challenge ourselves creatively every day to constantly stay ahead of the curve and to create the precious, elegant and harmonious lighting of tomorrow.


We dream big and far away from the gravitational pull of the ordinary. Ambitious dreams often face challenges when it comes to solving the complex needs of our clients but we embrace and thrive on each challenge, for we are meticulous craftsmen and craftswomen armed with the know-how, experience and passion to bring each of our creations to life.




We like to create, use our hands to build products which reflect our passion and emotion. We achieve this through the skillful handling and exceptional craftsmanship of precious materials. By assembling interdisciplinary teams of master artisans with expertise across varied types of raw materials and processes, our creations reflect fresh perspectives, exquisite touches, attention to detail and impeccable quality.