Year 1989 — IL NORMANNO is founded in Montecatini, Tuscany, by husband and wife, Oreste and Rosalba. The company starts with a rebellious spirit and a core mission: to create lighting creations of timeless elegance that transmit emotion, energy, fluidity, passion and the beauty of raw materials.


Today IL NORMANNO is led by the family’s new generation, Annalisa, who works closely with her mother Rosalba. The close-knit mother and daughter team lead by example and share responsibilities as true partners across all areas. Their chemistry drives the company and their tug of war between tradition and innovation is one of the main factors that leads to distinctive creations. Both Annalisa and Rosalba are intimately involved in every phase of the company’s creations and are usually in the field or working with several artisans. When they are not following a particular project, it’s not uncommon to find them together sketching a new design idea.