The Core of Our Creations

Passion, creativity and emotion are the core of our creations. We have a deep passion for expressing, sharing and bringing to life our artistic curiosity. We cultivate and hone our creativity by keenly observing the world which surrounds us and appreciating the smallest wonders. We strive to transmit emotion through each of our creations because our greatest reward and source of fulfillment is knowing that our products generate pleasant emotions for those who incorporate IL NORMANNO into their surroundings and daily lives.


Each creation from IL NORMANNO is born from the emotional thrust that moves our creativity towards ever new limits. Emotion is what we strive to convey to our customers through our creations. Our goal is to ensure that emotion emanates from iconic shapes, evocative of unmistakable and timeless styles of the past, which are fused with a new and characterizing vision, such that each object becomes unique, precious and eternal.


For us the new form of luxury is a constant and careful harmonic research that passes through design and innovative materials, timeless elegance and attention to the finest details. This new form is synonymous with well-being and well-being is synonymous with balance and harmony. What satisfies the gaze and the other senses must be meticulous but not excessive. And hence, the combination of refined and wisely balanced materials offers character and a sophisticated allure even to the most minimal form.

Luxury Lighting